1913 January

In 1913, Hitler moved to Munich, and when the war began volunteered in a Bavarian regiment, earning the rank of Corporal and awarded the Iron Cross.
January 12th
In 1913, No. 30 of Sotsial-Demokrat publishes J. V. Stalin's articles "The Elections in St. Petersburg (A Letter From St. Petersburg)" and "On the Road to Nationalism (A Letter From the Caucasus)."
Latter half of January
In 1913, Stalin arrives in Vienna from Krakow. In Vienna he arranges for the printing in Paris of the "Announcement" written by V. I. Lenin concerning the "February" conference and of the resolutions adopted by that conference.
In 1913, Stalin writes the work The National, Question and Social-Democracy which is published in Nos. 3-5 of the magazine Prosveshcheniye in March-May 1913.
In 1913, Stalin writes the leaflet "The Anniversary of the Lena Massacre."

1913 February

Middle of February
In 1913, Stalin returns to St. Petersburg from abroad. Together with Y. M. Sverdlov he proceeds to reorganize the editorial board of Pravda in conformity with V. I. Lenin's instructions.
February 23rd
In 1913, Stalin is arrested in the hall of the Kalashnikov Exchange at a concert arranged by the St. Petersburg Bolshevik organization and is taken to prison.
February 26th
In 1913, No. 47 of Pravda publishes the article by J. V. Stalin "The Situation in the Social-Democratic Group in the Duma."

1913 March

March 25th
In 1913, the worst Ohio flood disaster strikes Dayton, Ohio, deluging the city with 1.5 million gallons of water per second.
March 26th
In 1913, Dayton, Ohio almost destroyed when Scioto, Miami, & Muskingum River reach flood stage simultaneously.

1913 April

1913 May

May 13th
In 1913, the first four-engine Airplane was first built and flown by Igor Sikorsky of Russia.
May 24th
In 1913, Hitler, when the war began volunteered in a Bavarian regiment, earning the rank of Corporal and awarded the Iron Cross.
May 30th
In 1913, Conclusion of the first Balkan War.

1913 June

June 29th
In 1913, second Balkan War begins-B ulgaria overthrows Greek/Serbian troops.

1913 July

July 2nd
In 1913, Stalin is deported under escort to the Turukhansk region to remain under open police surveillance for four years.
July 10th
In 1913, the highest U.S. temperature ever recorded in the U.S. was 134 degrees F (57 degrees C) in Greenland Ranch, Calif in Death Valley. (It 's hot! Damn hot! Real Hot!).
July 11th
In 1913, Stalin arrives in Krasnoyarsk.
July 15th
In 1913, Stalin leaves Krasnoyarsk for Turukhansk.
July 30th
In 1913, it was the Conclusion of the second Balkan War.

1913 August

August 10th
In 1913, Stalin arrives in Turukhansk and from there is sent to his place of exile, the hamlet of Kostino.
August 27th
In 1913, Lieutenant Peter Nestrov of the Imperial Russian Air Service performed a loop in a monoplate at Kieve, the first aerobatic maneuver in an airplane.

1913 September

1913 October

1913 November

November 8th
In 1913, three storms converge on the Great Lakes, resulting in the worst storm, a four-day ordeal, in its history (over 200 casualties), an d sinking 32 ships in 35-foot waves.
November 9th
In 1913, Storm "Freshwater Fury" sinks 8 ore-carriers on Great Lakes.
In 1913, the heaviest snowfall to hit Cleveland, over 17.4 inches with 70 m.p.h. winds, buries the city on the second day of a four-day ordeal. Three storms converge on the Great Lakes, resulting in the worst storm in its history (over 200 casualties).

1913 December

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