1915 January

January 1st
In 1915, the British battleship Formidable was sunk by a torpedo in the English Channel, killing 547.
January 2nd
In 1915, In World War I, the Turks under Ahmet Pasha were heavily defeated by the Russians at the battle of Sarik amis. After five days fighting and a lengthy retreat, the Turks lost 77,000 out of 95,000 men.
January 13th
In 1915, Avezzano, Italy: earthquake left 29,980 dead.
January 28th
In 1915, first US ship lost in WW I, William P Frye (carrying wheat to UK).
In 1915, the U.S. Coast Guard is officially named. Founded in 1790, it operated und er several names such as Life Saving & Revenue Cutter services.

1915 February

February 21st
In 1915, 20th Russian Army corps surrenders.
February 22nd
In 1915, Germany begins "restricted" submarine war.
February 26th
In 1915, Malancourt, Argonnen (first (German) fire attack).
February 27th
In 1915, Stalin writes a letter to V. I. Lenin from the village of Monastyrskoye, - where he had gone to visit a fellow exile S. Spandaryan. In this letter J. V. Stalin criticizes the defects line of Plekhanov and of international Social-Democracy, which had taken an opportunist stand.

1915 March

March 2nd
In 1915, Vladimir Jabotinsky forms a Jewish military force to fight in Palestine.
March 8th
In 1915, first US navy minelayer, Baltimore, commissioned.
March 25th
In 1915, first submarine disaster; US F-4 sinks off Hawaii, 21 lives lost.

1915 April

April 22nd
In 1915, first military use of poison gas (chlorine, by Germany) in WW I.
April 25th
In 1915, during World War I, Allied soldiers invaded the Gallipoli Peninsula in an unsuccessful attempt to take the Ottoman Turkish Empire out of the war.

1915 May

May 1st
In 1915, German submarines sink the U.S. ship "Gulflight."
May 4th
In 1915, Italy drops Triple Alliance with Austria-Hungaryb & Germany.
May 7th
In 1915, On its return trip from New York to Liverpool, England, the British ocean liner, "Lusitania", was torpedoed by a German U-boat off the coast of Ireland. The "Lusi tania" was carrying a cargo of ammunition from the U.S. to Great Britain. This was Germany's reason for the attack even though the ship was carrying over 2,000 civilian men, women and children. 1,198 lives including 124 Americans were lost.
May 22nd
In 1915, Gretna, Scotland: two passenger train s and troop train collided; 227 killed.
May 23rd
In 1915, Italy declared w ar on Austria-Hungary in World War I.
May 24th
In 1915, Italy declares war on Austria-Hungary.

1915 June

In 1915, Stalin takes part in a meeting held in the village of Monastyrskoye of the exiled members of the Russian Bureau of the Central Committee of the RSDLP and of the Bolshevik group in the Fourth State Duma. At this meeting the question of the trial of the Bolshevik deputies is discussed.
June 1st
In 1915, first Zeppelin air raid over England.
June 8th
In 1915, 92 degrees F (33.3 degrees C) in De Bilt, Netherlands.
June 24th
In 1915, more than 800 people died when the excursion steamer Eastland capsized at Chicago's Clark Street dock.
June 26th
In 1915, Germany suppresses its "Vorwarts" newspaper after it called for peace.In 1917, the first troops of the American Expeditionary Force arrived in France during World War I.
June 27th
In 1915, 100 degrees F (38 degrees C), Fort Yukon, Alaska (s tate record).

1915 July

July 2nd
In 1915, A German professor from Cornell University explodes a bomb in the U.S. Senate.
July 3rd
In 1915, US military forces occupy Haiti, remain until 1934.
July 9th
In 1915, South African forces under Louis Botha forced the surrender of German South West Africa.
July 24th
In 1915, more than 800 people are lost when the pleasure steamer, Eastland, top-heavy with passengers, rolls over a few feet from a Chicago dock (the worst disaster on the Great Lakes). The Eastland had run the Cleveland-Cedar Point ro ute from 1907 to 1913.
July 25th
In 1915, The American merchant ship "Leelanaw" is sunk off the coast of Scotland by a German U-boat.
July 28th
In 1915, US forces invade Haiti, stays until 1924.
July 29th
In 1915, US marines land in Haiti, stay until 1924.

1915 August

August 5th
In 1915, thru Aug. 23, hurricane in East Texas and Louisiana: 275 killed.
August 20th
In 1915, Italy declares war on Turkey.
August 25th
In 1915, Hurricane kills 275 in Galvesto n, Texas with $50 million damage.

1915 September

September 29th
In 1915, A hurricane claims 275 in the Mississippi Delta.

1915 October

October 12th
In 1915, English nurse Edith Cavell was executed by the a German firing squad in occupied Belgium during World War I for aiding POW' s to escape.
October 16th
In 1915, Great Britain declares war on Bulgaria.

1915 November

November 10th
In 1915, Stalin writes to V. I. Lenin and N. K. Krupskaya from his place of exile in Turukhansk.

1915 December

December 4th
In 1915, F. F. Fletcher is the first admiral to receive the Congressional Medal of Honor.
December 7th
In 1915, President Wilson requests a standin g army of 142,000 and reserves of 400,000.

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