1938 January

1938 February

February 4th
In 1938, Hitler militari Wehrmacht include in nationalsozialistische Linie.

1938 March

March 11th
In 1938, German troops enter Austria.
In 1938, Germany invades Austria.
March 12th
In 1938, the "Anschluss" took place as German troops entered Austria, completing what Adolf Hitler described as his mission to restore his homeland to the Third Reich.
March 13th
In 1938, Hitler annexes Austria.

1938 April

1938 May

May 17th
In 1938, Congress passed the Vinson Naval Act, providing funds for a two-oce an navy.
May 30th
In 1938, Hitler say on completed of the German-speaking regions (Bohemia, Moravia) of Czechoslovakia.

1938 June

June 19th
In 1938, "Olympian Flyer" express train crashes in Montana, killing 47.
June 24th
In 1938, 500 ton meteorite hits Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

1938 July

July 4th
In 1938, France-Turkish friendship treaty.

1938 August

August 10th
In 1938, 60 years ago, 119 degrees F (48 degrees C), Pendleton, Oregon (state record).

1938 September

September 10th
In 1938, thru Sept. 22, hurricane in Long Island and Southern New England: 600 deaths; 1,764 injured.
September 12th
In 1938, in a speech in Nuremberg, Adolf Hitler demanded self-determination for the Sudeten Germans in Czechoslovakia.
September 21st
In 1938, Winston Churchill condemns Hitler's annexation of Czechoslovakia.
In 1938, a hurricane with winds clocked at more than 180 miles-per-hour struck parts of New York and New En gland, causing widespread damage and claiming more than 600 lives.
September 29-30th
In 1938, Munich Conference approves German acquisition of the Sudetenland.
September 30th
In 1938, British, French, German and Italian leaders ended the Munich Conference with a decision to appease Adolf Hitler by allowing Nazi annexation of Czechoslovakia's Sudetenland.

1938 October

October 21st
In 1938, Hitler say on occupation completed of the German-speaking regions (Bohemia, Moravia) of Czechoslovakia.

1938 November

November 9th
In 1938, bands of Nazis began roaming the streets of Germany and Austria, looting and burning synagogues as well as Jewish-owned stores and houses in a pogrom that became known as "Kristallnacht" or "Crystal Night".
November 10th
In 1938, Kristallnacht in Germany.
"During the action known as Kristallnacht (the "Night of Broken Glass"), over 191 synagogues were set afire, with 76 destroyed. More than 7,500 Jewish businesses were looted and over 800 ruined. Almost 100 Jews were killed or seriously injured. As many as 30,000 Jews were rounded up and sent to concentration camps. The Jewish communities of Germany were assessed one billion marks to pay for the damage claims of non-Jews."
The anti-Semitic campaign of Hitler that began in 1933 and known today as the Holocaust rose to a new level of violence.
Nazi murder squads will kill 1.4m Jews by 1945, especially in Russia after the June 1941 invasion (e.g., Babyi Yar near Kiev).
Nazi death camps, especially the 6 "extermination" camps in Poland (e.g., Auschwitz) will add at least 5m more killings after 1942.
Jewish emigration grew as the Holocaust intensified, but Franklin D. Roosevelt was slow to respond.
November 10th
In 1938, 8.3 earthquake shakes East of Shumagin Islands, Alaska.
November 21st
In 1938, Nazi forces occupied western Czechoslovakia and declared its people German citizens.

1938 December

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